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Wharfedale Pro

Wharfedale Pro DP4035N Power Amplifier 2x2020W @4Ohm with FIR Filter

Wharfedale Pro DP4035N Power Amplifier 2x2020W @4Ohm with FIR Filter

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Note - It is imperative to use the Wharefedale Pro SC48FIR DSP with any Wharfedale Pro WLA Series Line Array. This is part of a system. We recommend contacting our sales team for a full system design.


    • Huge Class D power in a 1U rack
    • 4 discrete amplification channels
    • Internal DSP and computer control
    • Stable down to 2 Ω. Drive multiple speakers or line array elements
    • FIR filtering with 512 taps
    • 90 V to 260 V AC working voltage
    • Dante ™ connectivity
    • 70 V / 100V compatible models
    • Power Factor Correction

 for increased efficiency


    DP series amps get used in ‘mission critical’ environments.  Therefore the ‘auto’ mode has been built in to deliver redundancy capability.

    Set the input to ‘Auto’ and the input will change, should a problem happen with external connections. (Use of an internal delay is advised to compensate for any switch timing and latency issues)

    FIR Filtering gives 

    • Independent control of magnitude and phase. 
    • More detailed equalisation.
    • Optimization of frequency and power response.


    Rated Power (THD=1%,Each channel works simultaneously with continuous sinusoidal 1 KHz) 8 Ω / Stereo 4 x 350 W
    4 Ω / Stereo 4 x 595 W
    2 Ω / Stereo 4 x 1010 W
    16 Ω / Bridge 2 x 700 W
    8 Ω / Bridge 2 x 1190 W
    4 Ω / Bridge 2 x 2020 W
    Output RMS voltage 52.9 V
    Amp gain 35 dB
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