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Techniline’s two decades of operations have seen it build a dense network of wholesalers, channel partners and sales partnerships. With outlets dedicated to the wholesale market allowing us to stay visible and competitive on all our represented brands. Our network consists of over two hundred dealers allowing us to reach markets across the region .

Reseller & Ecommerce

Techniline commenced operations with the import and distribution of public address systems. Since then, we have echoed Dubai’s growth to become an established brand for pro-audio and musical instruments that reaches sixty countries across three continents. We see the development of our channel partners to be a key point in expanding the visibility of our products.In the recent years we have seen a major shift in purchase behaviour of customers. We support all our e-commerce partners with all they need to succeed in serving their clients


Our Team provides turn key studio solutions along with design , supplies, commissions professional studios.

System Integrators

We have been providing professional audio and visual solutions & equipment to an established network of since 1994. We support system integrators with not only supply but also design consultation and advice to make sure that the end user is satisfied.

AV Rental

We pride ourselves in being able to support our AV rental partners not only with equipment but also with consumables and service of the equipment to ensure a long-lasting hassle-free experience

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