About Us

Techniline is an established retailer and distributor of musical instruments, audio systems,
public address systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting and sound accessories. The brand commenced its operations in 199 and has since created a retail and distribution portfolio of international brands from the USA,UK, Germany,Italy, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Techniline currently hosts Dubai’s largest professional audio and music instruments showroom in terms of floor space and variety in its retail presence. It has also developed an extended network of reliable value chain partners. This makes the concern ideally situated to expand its retail footprint into shopping malls and retail districts, where its years of experience in attracting professional musicians, enthusiasts, students and passers-by hold it in excellent stead to drive footfall.


To provide new-age technology considering the future outlook, and implement
changes with the times to enable all businesses realize their full potential by
providing responsible, practical and timely services which are reasonably


Techniline is committed to provide user-friendly and cost-effective solutions
to our network of clients and to design their diverse needs through our team of
experienced and qualified professionals who will ease any user concern.

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