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Wharfedale Pro

Wharfedale Pro DP2200F Power Amplifier 1x9520W

Wharfedale Pro DP2200F Power Amplifier 1x9520W

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  • Huge Class D power in a 1U rack
  • 4 discrete amplification channels
  • Internal DSP and computer control
  • Stable down to 2 Ω. Drive multiple speakers or line array elements
  • FIR filtering with 512 taps
  • 90 V to 260 V AC working voltage
  • Ethernet Network Connectors x 2
  • 70 V / 100 V compatible models



Huge output power and stable down to 2 Ohms

The power output figures of DP-F series are staggering. The rated power outputs are measured at THD = 1%, continuous sinusoidal 1 KHz with each channel working simultaneously. 

DP-F amps are also stable down to 2 Ohms. This allows for multiple 8 Ω or 16 Ω speakers to be driven with extreme power.

The new DP-F models have been engineered for mid sized venues, rental and touring applications. Enormous output power and stability at 2 ohms are features that already make DP amps special - but the new DP-F models also feature Ethernet control and the FIR DSP functionality already found in the DP-N series.

The DSP now has FIR filtering with 512 taps. This refined and powerful FIR filtering brings linear phase response to the system, resulting in a more controllable and faithful output. DP-F series also feature a wide range AC power input and are happy with huge voltage fluctuations between 90 v and 260 v. In addition, DP-F series can drive 70 V line systems!

Software Control
The supplied editing software gives a practical overview of all system parameters and DSP features within the DP-F amplifier. It is simple to monitor system performance and to edit the DP-F remotely. (The same software can also be used to control the Dante ™ (DP-N) series of amplifiers from Wharfedale Pro.)



Rated Power (THD=1%,Each channel works simultaneously with continuous sinusoidal 1 KHz) 2 x 2000 W
Output RMS voltage
126.5 V
Maximum Input Level
8.7 Vrms (+21 dBu)(Default Gain)
Default Gain (Rated Power,1 KHz) 24 dB
Gain(Rated Power,1 KHz)
24 dB~42 dB
Typical value:0.05%(10% Rated Power,8 Ω)
≥90 dB(20 Hz-1 KHz, Below Rated Power,8 Ω)
Frequency Response
Typical value:+0,-0.5 dB(10% Rated Power,20 Hz-20 KHz,8 Ω)
Input Impedance 20 kΩ(Balance),10 kΩ(Unbalance)
Damping Factor
≥1000(20 Hz-200 Hz,8 Ω)
SNR ≥105 dB (Default Gain, A weighted,20 Hz-20 KHz,8 Ω)
Main Power 90~260 VAC,50/60 Hz
Protection Power under-voltage protection, Amplifier output DC protection, Thermal Protection, Temperature Power Control, Overload Power Control
Size(W×H×D) 483 x 45 x 376 mm
Net Weight 9.3 kg
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