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TC Electronic

TC Electronic Nether Octaver Effects Pedal

TC Electronic Nether Octaver Effects Pedal

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Level up your tone with the vintage-sounding TC Electronic Nether Octaver and unleash a gnarly pitch-o-rama that will slay all the posers and make you irresistible to the mall chicks. Nether Octaver gets you the recognizable glitchy synth sound reminiscent of an old arcade game hall. Use it subtly to fatten up your sound or use extreme settings for all-out synth tones. Alternatively, you could put on a purple satin suit and play the solo from ‚When Doves Cry‚ until your fingers bleed.



  • A classic all-analog octave pedal

  • Features 1 and 2 octaves below the original signal

  • Add warmth, depth, and bottom end to your tone

  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity

  • Built-like-a-tank‚ with metal chassis

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