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Tasker T32 Microphone Cable 20m

Tasker T32 Microphone Cable 20m

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PE: It means Polyethylene, it’s a thermoplastic polymer commonly used as insulation due to his easy manufacturing and good dielectric properties. It is also used as outer sheath in outdoor and protected underground installation. PVC: Thermoplastic material with properties that are widely variable by the use of additives. All-purpose jacket material for applications with no special demands. It means Polyvinyl chloride, a plastic polymer normally used for the single conductors or for outer sheaths insulation. Its temperature range is -15/+70°C. OFC: It means Oxygen Free Copper, 99% pure. This feature considerably improves the electrical conductivity.

Tech Specs

Conductor Diameter: 2x0,22mm
Outer Diameter: 6.30mm
Sheath: PVC
Characteristics: PVC / PE / OFC / Extra flexible
Colors: Fluo Orange
Extra Colors: Fluo (Yellow / Blue / Green), Transparent Brown
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