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Tasker C404-100MTR Individually Shielded Multipair Cable 4x(2x0,22)

Tasker C404-100MTR Individually Shielded Multipair Cable 4x(2x0,22)

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Professional Extra Flex multipair Cables with individually shielded and insulated peers. The flexibility and sturdiness give the possibility to wind and unwind the cable for several times without modifying the physical configuration and especially its technical features. Conductors: O.F.C. Red Copper pair Colours: White, Red Cable for Mobile laying Suitable for the realization of extensions or audio balanced multi-sockets or for connections of audio mixers and direction benches. Characteristics: Conductors: O.F.C. copper cond. Insulation: PE solid pair Colours: White, Red Drain Wire: O.F.C. Tinned Copper pair shields: Spiral covering 100% O.F.C. Red Copper Inner sheaths: PVC ins. colours: Black and numbered Total sheath: PVC sheath Colour: Black This offer refers to an entire spool, Cable Length 100 m

Tech Specs

Cable Length: 100 M
Threads: 4x2x0,22 mm²
Colour: Black
Connector A: None
Connector B: None
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