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STK VP8-DRV 8 CH input 300W zoned Power mixer

STK VP8-DRV 8 CH input 300W zoned Power mixer

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The VP8-DRV are 8 CH input 300W dual purpose-designed for advanced users whose needs: 70V/100V output and 8-ohm 150W output with the high-fidelity specification.
The 150 W high voltage outputs effectively match the impedance of a wall mount, outdoor indoor loudspeaker, and paging horn speakers. Another 8-ohm 150W quarter-inch phone jack outputs connect to a 2 way or 3-way full-range speaker system, 150W 0.05% THD 20Hz~30kHz, as well as working musicians, small bands, solo acts, and multi-purpose rooms.

  • 8 CH 19 input configurations
  • Barrier strip 70V/100V output terminals.
  • The Mic preamps extra 10dBu input handling capacity.
  • Ultra-realistic sound with 20kHz response dual variable DRV digital effects
  • The precise master G.EQ is low noise no cliping design.
  • FET control quiet power on/off muting circuit.
  • Lowest in-rush trodial transformers and T-Tunnel design heatsink cooling.
  • Available rack mount,steel case 4-2/3 U space.

    Tech Specs

    Model VP8-DRV
    A&B Both output Drive 330W
    Rated Power(20-20kHz)  
    Output A, 8 ohm load 150W
    Output B,High Z Load 70V/100V(150W)
    (THD & SMPTE IND; 20Hz to 10kHz)
    Mic input to main mixes output 0.01%
    Mic input to power amp output 0.05%
    (all 1/4” TRS are Bal./Unbal.except*)
    Mono mic/line 8(XLR and 1/4" Phone)
    Stereo line -
    Tape In Stereo RCA
    AUX Returns TS 1/4”
    (all 1/4” TRS are Bal./Unbal.except*)
    Speaker Outputs TS 1/4”(8 ohm)/ 4 Block Barier Strip(70V/100V)
    Main Mix(line)Level TS 1/4”
    Main Mono(Subwoofer) N/A
    Aux Sends TRS 1/4”, 1 EFX, 1 Mon
    Tape L/R Stereo Stereo RCA
    Controls Channel  
    AUX Send Control 1 EFX, 1 Mon
    Constant Pan Control N/A
    10dB Input PAD Yes
    Controls Master  
    Digi EFX Dual Variable
    1 REV Control(0.5-10sec)
    1 DELAY Control(50-1000 msec)
    1 FEEDBACK Control(0-90%)
    1 Delay and Reverb MIXING Control(0-100%)
    Digi EFX Control On/Off, LED Level Set
    Digi EFX Buss Control 1 + 1 Monitor
    Aux In Control Yes
    7-Band Graphic Equalier Yes
    AUX Send Master Yes(1 Monitor)
    Power AMP Assign N/A
    Foot Pedal EFX Jack Yes
    Master Gain@Unity Ch, gains down 87 dB
    Master Gain@Unity,CH.gains@Unity 85 dB
    Signal to Noise Ratio ≥90 dB
    Adjacent inputs or input to output 90 dB
    Frequency Response  
    20Hz to 40kHz(Mic Pre Section) +0, -1.5dB
    20Hz to 30kHz(Power Amp Section) +0, -1dB
    Maximum Levels  
    Mic Preamp Input +10 dBu
    All Other inputs +18 dBu
    Mic Preamp Input 4k Bal.
    All Other input >10k
    Line Input 4k
    Equalization 2 Band
    Low EQ 100 Hz +/-15dB
    Mid EQ N/A
    Hi EQ 10 kHz +/-15dB
    Micriphone Preamp E.I.N. -125dBm
    Power Requirements 500Watts
    Dimension(WxHxD) 413 x 222 x 256
    Shipping/CBM 0.0493
    Net Weight 11kg
    Shipping Weight 12.8kg

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