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Seeburg Acoustic Line HDLM 8 High Definition Loudspeaker Management

Seeburg Acoustic Line HDLM 8 High Definition Loudspeaker Management

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The HDLM 8 Loudspeaker Management Controller is capable of managing more complex sound reinforcement systems. A web browser-based user interface with multi-client capability allows real-time access from a PC or a Mac to user-critical parameters for multiple users simultaneously. Excellent dynamics, a low distortion factor and filters with outstanding sound properties ensure first-class audio quality.
A large high-definition colour display, clearly assigned buttons for navigation and input screens, and the USB port, enable hassle-free adjustments directly on the controller. When combined with a WLAN-USB stick, all functions can be controlled with the smartphone app goHDLM. The Linux based operating system of the HDLM 8 can optionally be upgraded with a 1000 Mbit Ethernet interface.
The API (application programming interface) makes it possible for any C programmer to fully access the HDLM 8.

This allows, for example, direct control of presets, or any other control values, via a Crestron or AMX touch screen controller.

Tech Specs

Model HDLM 8/III
Description High Definition Loudspeaker Management
Processors 2 x FPGA - based DSP, Linux driven host
Analog Inputs 4 x balanced
Analog outputs 8 x balanced
Digital Inputs 2 x stereo AES / EBU
Signal Structure 8 x input busses / 8 x output channels
Input Bus EQs 12 to 24 dB HPF, 5 x parametric, high shelf,
low shelf, 31 band graphic EQ
Output Channel Features Gain, polarity, delay, loudspeaker assignment
Output Channel EQs 12 to 24 dB HPF, 4 x parametric, high shelf, low shelf
Loudspeaker Features 1 to 4 way, gain, polarity, peak limiter,
thermal power limiter, offset delay
Loudspeaker EQs 6 to 48 dB HPF / LPF, parametric EQs, 6 to 12 dB
high / low shelf, 1st and 2nd order allpass filters
Optional i/o ADAT, AVB audio video bridging
Sample rate 96 kHz
Filter Topology 480 x high precision lattice-ladder IIR
Dynamic range 119 dB (lin) / 121 dB (A) typ
Latency 0,76 ms (analog in -> analog out)
0,92 ms (digital in -> digital out)
Cooling Passive (no fan)
Origin Made in Germany
Weight 3.5 kg
Size width x height x depth 483 (19") x 44 (1 HE) x 270 mm
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