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Laney LG20R Guitar Amplifier

Laney LG20R Guitar Amplifier

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The LG20R takes its tonal cues from its bigger tube brothers. The clean channel chimes away nicely and takes on a pleasant bite at higher volumes. Switch to the drive channel, set the drive and the master controls as desired, and the LG range will yield a range of tones, from just breaking up to saturated sustain, with an increasing degree of crunch and raunch in between. On both channels the three band tone controls contribute a subtle degree of shaping rather than creating extreme sounds.

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Type Amplifier
Weight 9 Kg Packed, 8.25 Kg Unit
Brand Laney
Channels 2 (Clean and Crunch)
Drivers 1x8 inch Custom Driver
Effects Reverb
Equalization Global Bass, Mid and Treble
Footswitch No
Inputs 1x Jack
Manufacturer Part Number : LG20R
Model no. LG20R
Total Power: 20 Watts
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