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GEMINI X04 Pro DJ Power Amplifier

GEMINI X04 Pro DJ Power Amplifier

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Ditch the distortion and elevate your speaker performance with the Gemini X04 Pro DJ Power Amplifier. This powerhouse utilizes bi-polar output stage technology to deliver clean, high output power that effortlessly drives professional loudspeakers. Whether you need stereo, parallel mono, or mono bridge operation, the X04 Pro adapts to your setup. Comprehensive protection circuitry ensures safe operation, while a ground lift switch provides additional flexibility for eliminating hum or ground loops in various installations. Unleash the full potential of your professional speaker system with the reliable and powerful Gemini X04 Pro DJ Power Amplifier.


  • Bi-polar output stage technology
  • High output power to drive professional loudspeakers without clipping
  • Comprehensive protection circuitry
  • Three modes of operation: stereo, parallel mono, and mono bridge
  • Ground lift switch for flexibility in installations

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