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Behringer B1BACKPACK Backpack for B1C & B1X with Durable Nylon Shell Black

Behringer B1BACKPACK Backpack for B1C & B1X with Durable Nylon Shell Black

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  • This durable backpack is specially designed for carrying one Behringer B1C or B1X loudspeaker, making your speaker more portable

  • The weather resistant nylon material provides maximum protection both indoors and outdoors, so you don't have to worry about weather factors

  • The backpack has 3 zippered compartments, which are perfect for storing microphones and accessories

  • The comfortable shoulder straps and breathable air-mesh backpad are designed for carrying comfort, so you can easily transport your speaker

  • The covered 6mm foam padding protects your system during transport, so you don't have to worry about damage from bumps or collisions


    Depending on your B1X and B1C speakers to perform flawlessly every night? Then you need the B1 BACKPACK - a custom-fit, deluxe transport backpack designed specifically for your B1X and B1C speakers. Made of tough, weather-resistant nylon, this backpack ensures maximum protection for your speaker, both indoors and outdoors. Carry your speaker with ease and confidence, knowing it's securely protected. Don't let weather factors or transportation worries hold you back. Invest in the B1 BACKPACK and keep your gear safe wherever you go!

    When you're on the move to and from gigs, the B1 BACKPACK is your ultimate companion. Designed to withstand the elements, this rugged backpack ensures your B1X and B1C speakers stay free from dirt, moisture, and dust. No more worries about the hazards of transportation or the downtime between performances. Keep your gear in pristine condition and ready for action with the reliable protection of the B1 BACKPACK. Elevate your peace of mind and safeguard your equipment today.

    The B1 BACKPACK offers the perfect solution for transporting your speaker. With convenient carry handles and a shoulder strap, it ensures exceptional protection with thick interior padding. The backpack features three zippered compartments for easy storage of microphones and accessories. Enjoy carrying comfort with comfortable shoulder straps and a breathable air-mesh back pad. Travel in style and keep your gear safe with the B1 BACKPACK!

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