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Behringer 121DUAL VCF Analog Module for Eurorack

Behringer 121DUAL VCF Analog Module for Eurorack

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  • authentic reproduction of a classic 1980s dual VCF
  • 3 signal inputs and 3 modulation inputs with mod depth per section present ample routing
  • 2 independent filter sections with dedicated summing outputs for creating dense textures
  • Execute smooth sweeps and squelching leads by combining the lowpass filter with the 3 fixed-position highpass filters



Get your hands on the creamy analog VCF sound that defined the golden age of electronic music with the Behringer 121 Dual VCF. A meticulous re-creation of an iconic analog synth module from the 1980s, the 121 Dual VCF comprises two independent filter sections with cutoff and resonance sliders, a lowpass filter, and three selectable fixed highpass filter modes. Featuring three signal inputs and three modulation inputs per channel, the 121 Dual VCF delivers a plethora of sound-shaping, from ultra-smooth sweeps to self-oscillating squelches. Synthesists at Sweetwater are reveling in the classic synth sounds of the Behringer 100 series modules for Eurorack, including the Beringer 121 Dual VCF. If you’re looking to re-create the modular soundscapes of synth pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Giorgio Moroder, and Vangelis, you can’t go wrong with the 121 Dual VCF. And, offered at an incredible price, it’s an excellent filter section for your first Eurorack rig or for broadening your palette of modular sound design tools



Type: Dual VCF Eurorack Module
Depth:  1.5" (39mm)
HP size:  16HP
Power usage:  ±12V/40mA
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