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Alesis Strata Prime 10 Piece Electronic Drum Kit With Touch Screen Drum Module

Alesis Strata Prime 10 Piece Electronic Drum Kit With Touch Screen Drum Module

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  • Ten-piece all-mesh kit including kick, snare, 4 toms, hi-hat, ride and 2 crash cymbals
  • 360-degree ARC cymbals and Active Magnetic hi-hat technology
  • State of the art touch screen module running the BFD sound engine with 75 kits

  • Drums
    • Dual-zone mesh snare
    • 8” / 10” / 12” / 14” Dual-zone mesh toms
    • 20” kick drum with mesh head
    • Four post steel rack with locking clamps

  • Cymbals
    • 360-degree triple-zone cymbals and hi-hat
    • 14” active hi-hat cymbal with magnetic stand-mounted controller
    • Two 16” crash cymbals and one 18” ride

  • Module
    • 1” touch display
    • BFD sound engine running on a multi-core processor
    • 75 Kits, 440+ Kit Pieces, 1,000+ Sound Articulations, and over 215,000 individual samples.
    • Over 40GB of included content on 128 GB of internal storage
    • Revolutionary new customizable trigger engine with automatic crosstalk filtering with presets for all modern Alesis electronic triggers

  • Online lessons and software
    • 90-day free subscription to Drumeo
    • BFD Player desktop application with virtual drum expansion pack



The Alesis Strata Prime: A Premium Electronic Drum Kit
The Strata Prime is a top-of-the-line electronic drum kit designed for professional drummers and serious hobbyists alike. It offers a natural and responsive playing experience with high-quality sounds and extensive customization options.

Key Features:

Natural Feel: All-mesh drumheads with adjustable tension provide a realistic rebound and eliminate hotspots. 360-degree cymbals swing freely and respond like acoustic cymbals.
Advanced Sound Engine: The Strata Prime features the legendary BFD drum engine with over 40GB of meticulously sampled sounds and articulations.
Extensive Customization: Create your own unique drum kits by layering sounds, applying effects, and adjusting various parameters with the easy-to-use touchscreen interface.
Versatile Cymbals: The 18" ride and 16" crash cymbals are triple-zone for realistic sound variations depending on where you hit them.
Innovative Hi-Hat: The world's first Active Magnetic hi-hat controller provides unmatched accuracy and responsiveness with a standard hi-hat stand.
Powerful Module: The Prime Drum Module features a 10.1" touchscreen, multi-core processor, and six rotary encoders for intuitive control and customization.
Expandable System: The Strata Prime integrates seamlessly with standard drum hardware, allowing you to use your own pedals and stands. You can also add additional cymbals for a more expansive setup.

In Summary:

The Alesis Strata Prime is a premium electronic drum kit that delivers a professional playing experience with exceptional sound quality, customization options, and versatility.



Strata Kick 20 (20x14in acoustic shell, mesh head)


Strata Drum 14 (14in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)


Strata Drum 8in (8in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)


Strata Drum 10in (10in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)


Strata Drum 12in (12in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)


Strata Drum 14in (14in mesh head with patented anti-hotspot trigger system)


ARC Hi-hat 14 Active (14in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal with stand mounted Active Magnetic controller)


ARC Cymbal 18 (18in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal)


ARC Cymbal 16 (16in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal)


ARC Cymbal 16 (16in 360-degree triple-zone cymbal)

Included Drum Module:

Prime Drum Module w/ 10.1" touchscreen, multi-core processor, powered by BFD3 sound engine.

Number of Drum Kits:


Number of Instruments:

40+ GB of all new, multi-layered factory content, 440+ Kit Pieces, 1092 Articulations across 4 diverse sound libraries from Alesis and BFD

Module Trigger Inputs:

13 x 1/4" TRS (drum triggers), 1 x 1/4" TRS (Active hi-hat control)

Module Analog Inputs:

2x 1/4" TRS

Module Analog Outputs:

2x XLR (main), 4x 1/4" TRS (assignable outs)


1 x 1/4" & 1x 1/8"

Module MIDI I/O:

USB MIDI, 5-pin In/ Out, Bluetooth MIDI


Version 5.0


1 x Type B (host) & 1x Type A (storage, external MIDI controllers)


128GB internal drive, SD/SDHC Card Slot, USB drive


Free BFD Player + Expansion Packs

Included Hardware:

4-post Steel Rack, 3x Cymbal Boom Arms, Snare Stand

Not Included: Kick Pedal and Hi-Hat Stand


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