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Alesis Chain Drive Kick Pedal for Command Kit

Alesis Chain Drive Kick Pedal for Command Kit

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  • Rugged double-chain drive system
  • Toothless X Cam provides smooth precision
  • Gearless stroke length adjustment for optimal feel
  • Solid metal power plate stabilizes pedal
  • Offset hoop clamp makes setup quick and easy
  • X Hinge ensures perfect stroke path and long life
  • Ultra-high tension spring for power and speed
  • X Beater is reversible with hard plastic and traditional felt sides



The Alesis DMPad Kick Drum Pad with DMPedal Kick Pedal and Silverline Audio 10ft Connection Cable Bundle - combined in this set for perfect playability and easy setup.

DMPad Kick Drum with Stand Features:
Velocity-sensitive drum pad for natural dynamic response
Soft rubber head for realistic feel and rebound
Works with virtually all single and double bass drum pedals and beaters
Integrated stand with adjustable spikes for holding its position on carpet
Works with virtually all major brands of e-percussion products.


Bundle includes:
-Alesis DMPad Kick Drum Pad
-Alesis DMPedal Single Kick Pedal
- Silverline Audio 10ft Connection Cable

DMPedal Single Kick Pedal Features:
Works great for both E-drums and acoustic bass drums
Looks and functions perfectly with your Alesis Kick-pad product
Chain-driven mechanism
Felt beater

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