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Alesis KP1 Chain drive kick drum pedal

Alesis KP1 Chain drive kick drum pedal

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  • Light and snappy single-chain action
  • Stable all-metal construction
  • Sleek metal footboard
  • Compatible with most acoustic and electronic kits on the market
  • 2-way reversible beater with plastic/felt ends is safe for all types of heads, mesh or synthetic



Whether you're rocking your Bonham kit on Friday nights or your Strike kit on Sunday mornings, the Alesis KP1 bass drum pedal is designed to meet all your performance needs — acoustic or electronic. This single bass drum pedal boasts an impressive all-metal construction and sleek metal footboard for excellent price-considering stability and response. The KP1's single-chain action supplies a light and snappy response underfoot that both jazz featherers and fusion double strokers are sure to love. Not only that, but a 2-way reversible beater makes the KP1 safe for any kit in your arsenal. On an acoustic kit, flip the beater to achieve two different tones. On an electronic kit, flip to the plastic end to keep your mesh heads looking and playing like new.

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