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Alesis DM10 Electronic Drum Module

Alesis DM10 Electronic Drum Module

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The DM10 module anchors Alesis's premier electronic drum kits, and your ears will tell you why. This powerful module offers a range of preset and customizable kits for exploring. In fact, the factory sound set was built straight from uncompressed multi-samples of real drums and cymbals. But Alesis knows "factory" isn't enough for the modern electronic drummer. That's why they added a USB computer connection, so you can load new sound sets straight from your computer‚ that means your DM10 module is future-proof!



As far as inputs go, you've got 12 trigger inputs on the DM10 module for plenty of expansion with pads and triggers. Once you're all connected and good to go, you'll love being able to plug your iPod into the unit and mix the signal, so you can practice effectively at any hour. Of course, there are also play-along tracks and recording capabilities built right in. And using the sliders on the front panel, you can also control your drum-and-accompaniment mix without having to go get tweaky in any menus.

Inputs stereo (2x RCA)
Manufacturer Part Number : DM10
Memory: 128 MB, linear
MIDI I/O: stereo (2x RCA)
Module Trigger Inputs: 12x1/4" TRS
Playback 64-voice polyphony
Preset Sounds: 1,047
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