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Alesis BITRMAN ModFX Multi-Effects Processor

Alesis BITRMAN ModFX Multi-Effects Processor

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The Bitrman is an extraordinary effects box comprised of compression, distortion, dual phasing, and a 4th selected effect that can either be a comb, decimator, bit reducer, frequency modulator, ring modulator, or frequency shift. The 4 effects can be configured in multiple ways by adjusting the "Configure" parameter.

With cool and catchy descriptive names such as Smashup, Nastify, Faze, Crush, and Metavox, the ModFX line will capture the imagination of the industry. Each product, designed with internal 28-bit digital processing, allows the user to connect to multiple units within the family via the link ports (in and out) located on either side of each box. These links allow the units to pass digital audio, word clock, and power between ModFX line family members. Analog I/O is provided via 4 separate 1/4 in. unbalanced connectors and each unit come with an Alesis AC power supply. A 5th 1/4" connector allows an external footswitch to control the Bypass function. Each unit is sized to fit a 1/3U rack space; an optional rack mount adapter will also be available.

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