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Alctron PF8 Studio Microphone Foam Shield

Alctron PF8 Studio Microphone Foam Shield

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Crystal-Clear Vocals: Achieve Studio Quality with the Alctron PF8
Tired of background noise ruining your vocal recordings?

The Alctron PF8 Studio Microphone Foam Shield is your one-stop solution for achieving professional-sounding vocals. Here's how:

Superior Noise Isolation: The innovative design uses high-density acoustic foam to envelop your microphone, effectively absorbing and blocking unwanted outside noise.
Built-in Pop Filter: No need for a separate filter! The PF8 eliminates plosives (those harsh "p" and "b" sounds) ensuring crisp, clean vocals.
Uncolored Sound: Focus on capturing your true voice. The PF8's design minimizes unwanted sound manipulation, delivering pure, uncolored audio.

The Alctron PF8 is perfect for:

Vocalists and singers
Voiceover artists and podcasters
Home studio recordings

Record with confidence and achieve studio-quality vocals. Get your Alctron PF8 today!


🔊 Isolates Your Mics: Eliminates unwanted external sounds.

💨 Lightweight and Unobtrusive: Doesn't take up too much space.

🎤 Minimizes Room Reflections: At the mic.


Diameter: 200mm

Height: 180mm

Screen Hole: 130mm

Suits Mic Diameter:45-60mm

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