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Ahuja UHC15T 15W Horn Speaker

Ahuja UHC15T 15W Horn Speaker

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Ahuja high quality, weatherproof horn speakers are compact, lightweight and rugged. They are moulded in tough UV protected ABS plastic for a longer-lasting finish. The specifications and construction of these are similar to the low impedance horn speakers. These models have been provided with 100V line matching transformers with multiple taps/impedance easily selectable by changing the position of the rotary switch at the rear of the sealed assembly. These 100V models are ideal for installations where long speaker cables are used, to avoid power loss in the cables.
Rectangular models are particularly suitable for areas where directivity of sound is of importance. IP 66 is provided against foreign particles such as dust and jets of water, thus making them ideal for outdoor use.

Tech Specs

Brand: Ahuja
Type: PA Horn Speakers
High quality, weather proof horn speakers
Compact, light weight, rugged
Moulded in tough ABS plastic
Designed for acoustical efficiency providing a high SPL
Clean intelligible sound and effective sound penetration
Voice coils are precision-wound on an aluminium bobbin
Good heat dissipation from the coil
Good efficiency and reliability
Fitted with 0.6m (2) 2-core sheathed speaker cable
secured through a water-tight, tug-proof cable gland
Robust metal brackets/stands rotating through 270 degree
Meets European Union regulations
Complies with low voltage directive standard EN 60065
Degree of protection IP 66
Protection against foreign particles such as dust and jets of water
Ideal for outdoor use
Recommended for: Paging Systems, Siren & Alarm Systems, Traffic & Crowd Control by Police
Good for: Indoor & Outdoor Applications, Publicity, Vehicle Installation, High Noise Areas
Input Power: 15W RMS/23W Max
Impedance: 8
Frequency Response: 275-7,000Hz
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