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Ahuja AVM630VG PA VHF Wireless Desktop Microphone

Ahuja AVM630VG PA VHF Wireless Desktop Microphone

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  • Stylish & rugged high band VHF wireless desktop microphone & receiver available in different frequencies.
  • Condenser unidirectional transmitter has a sleek gooseneck with ring LED indicator.
  • Transmitter has a push-type ON/OFF switch.




 Ahuja AVM630VG Also has other stunning features like a Highly sensitive table-top receiver with a telescopic antenna & noise squelch circuitry. Transmitter also has a male XLR connector & connecting cable so that wired mode can also be used, if required. Transmitter operates with 2×1.5V UM-3 pencil cells. Receiver operates on 9V DC through an AC adaptor, supplied along with.



RF Output Power:
10mW (Max.)
Modulation mode:  FM
Frequency response: 100-12,000Hz
Dimensions: W145×H50×D155 mm
Weight: 660g (without battery)
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