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Ahuja - ASC315T Speaker Passive Wall Mount 15Watts

Ahuja - ASC315T Speaker Passive Wall Mount 15Watts

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Speaker Passive Wall Mount 15Watts RMS Column Speaker Line/Ohm (White)

  • For Indoor & Outdoor applications such as in Halls, Auditoria, Airport Lounges.
  • Weather resistant — for use under roof eaves. Foam layer to protect speakers from dust.
  • Array of speakers radiate forward sound beam for wider audience coverage.
  • Mounting clamps & hardware supplied.
  • Slim, compact, aesthetically designed column speaker.
  • Off-white colour to integrate with most interiors.
  • Aluminium extruded cabinet with moulded plastic covers, metal mesh grille.
  • 100V line matching transformer with rotary switch for power tap selection.
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