Saudi Light & Sound Expo Riyadh

Saudi Light & Sound Expo Riyadh

Saudi Light & Sound (SLS) Expo: 28-30 May - Ricec, Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s standing as a global destination for mega entertainment is on the rise fueled by Vision 2030 and its firm commitment towards driving significant investment opportunities. The kingdom has set itself an ambitious mission to transform into a major entertainment and cultural hub by investing $64 billion in culture and leisure projects over the next decade.

From staging operas to concerts, to music festivals and major sporting events, coupled with the launch of themed attractions, hundreds of entertainment centres and cinemas; Saudi Arabia is set to take centre-stage in boosting the demand for professional light and sound technology in the GCC.

With major advancements; from fashion to opera, festivals to concerts, and movie watching to filmmaking, the country is all set to make its entertainment ambitions a reality.

SLS & SEA Expo brings together government bodies, procurement professionals, owners, architects, consultants, and developers involved in these entertainment and leisure projects to meet local and international suppliers to source products that they need to change the outlook of the country.

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