Live Band & DJ Solutions For Canary Club Restaurant

Live Band & DJ Solutions For Canary Club Restaurant


Our goal was to ensure the Canary Club restaurant had a great ambience of background music and foreground music for a Live Band or DJ.



The first floor of the venue was the Canary Club restaurant. Our design team opted for well-distributed small speakers with high SPL to ensure the music was loud but did not change the look of the space. The second floor was the rooftop lounge, where we were able to use outdoor full-range speakers to accommodate different sources.
We had to ensure both floors and all 3 locations could be suited for DJ performances as well as accommodate live bands. This meant we needed 3 input panels where a DJ or a band could perform.


We started out with consultation with the client to understand their specific needs and moved on to system design. After approval, we moved to cabling. Once the interiors of the venue were completed, we installed the speakers before final touch ups commissioned the system and trained the staff on system functionality. The client was able to adjust the gain levels through a wall panel or remotely through a tablet for all zones.


As always, not everything falls according to plan. Through multiple tests and trials, we repositioned our speakers to minimize sound leakage to the area around as the venue was in a residential neighbourhood.



Our solution ensured that the venue could accommodate DJ Performances as well as live bands with balanced sound at any of the three locations inside the restaurant without having to break a sweat! Getting the staff acquainted with a simplistic tablet to control the volume in all zones was the perfect solution that the Canary Club received well.


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