Stage Box Solution with Midas M32 & Behringer S32

At Techniline Electronics, we recognise how crucial it is to have the appropriate equipment for the task, especially when dealing with live sound. Today, we'd like to talk about the Behringer S32, a robust digital stage box that goes great with the Midas M32 digital mixer.

Although the Midas DL32 may be attractive to some, we think the Behringer S32 provides M32 users with an alternate,great value and a smooth integration experience. Let's investigate why:

Midas M32 LIVE 40-Channel Digital MixerCompatibility of Midas M32:
Full compatibility with the M32 is provided by the Behringer S32, even if the Midas DL32 would seem like the obvious alternative. The identical digital protocol is used by both devices, guaranteeing perfect performance and smooth integration.

Constructed with Performance in Mind:
With 32 top-notch mic preamps, the S32 provides flawless audio capture right at the source. Preamps like these are painstakingly crafted to accommodate various instruments and vocalists, guaranteeing accurate reproduction of every nuance.

Simplified Process:
It's quite easy to connect the S32 to the M32. Both devices make use of the user-friendly AES50 audio digital network, which makes setup easier and reduces cable clutter. This saves you a lot of time on stage by enabling fast, error-free connections.

Behringer S32 Digital Snake I/O InterfaceFlexibility at Your At your fingertips:
The Behringer S32's 16 ample balanced XLR outputs are perfect for returning extra signals and monitor mixes to the FOH console. This adaptability guarantees that you have all the required signals at your disposal and enables you to customise the monitoring experience to suit your performance.

Unmatched Value:
Let's face it, money is an important consideration. With features and performance to match, the Behringer S32 is a budget-friendly option. This makes it the perfect option for novices as well as seasoned pros just getting started in live sound.

Beyond the specs:
We at Techniline Electronics think the S32 is more than just a set of specs. It's a sturdy workhorse that can handle the demands of a live performance. You can concentrate on putting on a faultless performance thanks to its sturdy design and simple controls.

The Ideal Combination:
A strong live sound solution is produced when both Behringer S32 & Midas M32 are combined. For a reasonable cost, you receive great flexibility, a simplified workflow, and excellent audio quality.

Are You Prepared to Upgrade Your Live Sound System?

The Behringer S32 is the only digital stage box you need if you want something dependable and loaded with features for your Midas M32. It's the ideal option for any kind of live sound application because of its outstanding performance, simple-to-use interface, and exceptional pricing.

Take action now! Experience the power offered by the Behringer S32  and Midas digital mixers to you by going to Techniline Electronics right now.
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